XDAP for Windows Licenses

License Fee of XDAP for Windows

The commercial license fee for one copy of XDAP for Windows is 3495 Euro. Discounts are available for universities and non-military not for profit research institutes. Click here to see information on the current exchange rate for the euro.

Fee schedule for upgrading to the latest version of XDAP for Windows

Fees to upgrade a different platform to XDAP for Windows are as follows:

old platform
new platform license fee (Euro)
MS-DOS 2995
Linux 1995
MacOS 1995
other 3495

The fee for upgrading from previous versions of XDAP for Windows depends on the version that you currently use. A table with the fees for upgrading is below.

from version upgrade fee (Euro)
1.x 2995
2.0.x 2495
2.1.x 1995
2.2.x 1495

Discounts on the License Fee or Upgrade Fee

XAFS Services International offers discounts to the following groups of institutions:

The purchase of more than one license or upgrade entitles you to the following discounts:

Obtaining a License

PDF versions of the license agreements can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate description below.

Paper license agreements can be obtained by sending an e-mail with your contact information to sales@xsi.nl, or by sending a letter. Adress information can be found here. The license agreement text will also be included in the installer.

Shipping and Payment

For new licenses XAFS Services International will ship XDAP when it receives either the complete license fee or a signed license agreement and half the license fee. Contact sales@xsi.nl for payment options.
Upgrades can be ordered by sending an official order from your company or institution. The upgrade will be shipped as soon as the order is received. An invoice will be included with the shipment.

Download the demo version of XDAP.